"I’m definitely still in shock and my acceptance to Yale is still sinking in. I also am thinking it is the perfect place and don’t think any other school I applied to would be better for what I want to do.  I couldn’t have done it without you.” —2019 Student

"Hello Ms. Brugman,

Today I received notice of my admission to USC Marshall School of Business for the  Fall 2020 semester! I wanted to express my gratitude for your help throughout the application process. I truly am appreciative of your help. Thank you so much and fight on!”  Transfer student ‘20

Occidental just gave me another $4,000!  Thank you very much!  —transfer student 2020

“Maria is over-the-moon excited about her acceptance to the Air Force Academy! She worked very hard with you and for the last year and finally go the good news today!

"She was accepted to UC Davis, UC Berkeley, and UCSD as well, but this one is hands-down her first choice.  She will be accepting an appointment from the Air Force Academy!

"Thank you again for everything!”— O.C. Mom, 2019

“Thank you so much for the time and effort you put into my college applications. The organization, complexity, and point of view you provided made it work out.”— 2019 student accepted to UC Berkeley for CS, 2019

“During our visit to Susquehanna University we met with the VP for Enrollment and Marketing.  She told us that she had re-read Jack's essay that morning and that it was exceptional. It was not a typical essay that she sees by any means, and it was clear that he was a deep thinker.  That made me proud, of course, but also thankful for the time that he spent with you drafting, editing, and fine-tuning it for impact.  SU offered him a scholarship that was very nearly the maximum that they offer anybody!” --2018 Parent

“Herman and I were just given the best Christmas present ever.  Wash U sent Melissa a letter saying that they have increased her scholarship from $23k per year to $47k per year!  We can’t thank you enough!” San Gabriel parent, ’18 

“Scott withdrew his Harvard application because he wanted to focus on Brown and Columbia.  He got into both and has decided on Columbia.  Thank you very much for all your guidance!” --Harvard Westlake mom,'18

"I felt Albert was your main priority, not the parent, which I think is appropriate and to his advantage down the line. I am very happy with the quality of the work.  I can distinctly hear his voice and it has details and depth.” --Glendale mom, ‘18

“Just wanted to share the good news…Scott has be admitted to two schools already.  Both offered him $20,000 a year— each!

Thanks again for all of your work with our family!

 —La Canada mom, ‘18

A warm handshake from a grateful student who had just finished his UC essays.  “Thank you,” he said, shaking.  “Thank you.”— Temple City student, ‘18

“Thanks again for all you’ve done!  Stephan is doing great in college.  He’s on the lacrosse team, is pledging in a frat, has a strong GPA ,and even has a girlfriend.  We couldn’t have done it without you!”

— Altadena Dad ‘16

"Thank you so much! I always get so much done with you! Can't wait to work with you again!” —          Letter from a student ‘17

“Dear Mrs. Brugman, I just wanted to write and let you know that I am finally happy in college.   Thank you so much for all your help and support.” 

— a transfer student ‘14

"If I had other kids, I would definitely hire you again!”  

—2014 Pasadena Parent 

I am very grateful for all your help during the application process and I have you to thank for a lot of my success. 

— Glendale student

Christina is still receiving acceptances and merit scholarships! We couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you for all your help and support!— Glendale mother ‘15

"I credit you with making Viv aware of a good school that matched most of her needs and would be likely to give her a generous scholarship."-- Glendale Parent ‘13

"I'm very appreciative of you for giving Mike the confidence he needed during the application process."-- San Marino parent ‘15

"We are so grateful for all the help and guidance you provided 

during this process. Our daughter has been accepted to her top

choices early! Thank you.”— La Canada parent ‘16

"We're very pleased with our son's college offers.  Thank you!”

-- San Marino parent.   

"Our son went from a stress level of +10 back to the usual +3 all because of your visits.                   Thank you!” 

--La Canada parent (Student admitted to top schools with huge merit scholarships)

"Going through the college application process with you - and getting these acceptances out the gate - has really boosted her confidence. I can't tell you how glad I am that we had your expertise to guide us.”

-- Glendale parent (Student admitted to top choice, Midwest, with merit scholarship)

    "Thank you for being an anchor for Emily through all the headwinds.”

-- Santa Barbara parent (Student admitted to all schools, with full financial aid)

    "Hiring Perfect Fit took all the stress out of the process.” 

-- San Marino parent (Student admitted to top East Coast school)

    "Thank you for planting ideas with our daughter.”

-- San Marino parent  (Junior student)

"Our daughter is hard at work putting the finishing touches on several applications - and isn't feeling stressed about it - thanks to all the guidance you two have given her.” 

-- Glendale parent (Student admitted to top choice schools, East coast)

"If I had done it by myself, I'm not sure it would've gotten done, just because it was so much work.  This way, I didn't have to fight with my parents at all.  It was perfect."

--La Canada student (Student admitted to top choice school, California)

"Thank you for your phone consultations and email support. He doesn't want me to read his essay, but I can tell he's very proud of it." 

--Santa Rosa parent (Student admitted to all of his schools, Midwest)

"I'm so busy at work right now, I'm counting on you to 'parent' my daughter through her applications right now."

 -- Glendale parent

"Thank you for all your assistance. We will be a great reference for you!” 

--La Canada parent (Student admitted to all her schools)

"Your wealth of information about colleges, applications and financial aid is such a comfort.

-- Pasadena parent (Student admitted to her second choice school.)

“You’ve made great progress with our niece. Best of all, she likes you and trusts you. Without that we could not go forward.  

Thank you.” 

–Santa Barbara aunt