Our Students

"I have to tell you.  We are so impressed with all you have done for us!"--Glendale parent.

       At Perfect Fit, we help each student develop a complete package that will give him/her the best chance for college admission. For students with more heart than high test scores, we highlight the attributes that make up the whole person: strengths in leadership, sports, the arts, or a passion for a cause.  

       For students with impressive grades and scores, we help with direction and organization so that they can concentrate on what they do best, schoolwork and extra-curricular activities. We work off-the-clock, making calls to college admissions counselors on your student's behalf to ensure that every student has a chance for a perfect college fit.

       At Perfect Fit, we are here to help any student who is earnest about attending a four-year institution. We will help your student think about his/her future place in the world and where his/her leadership skills might best be developed. Whether the student is entering high school, a freshman, sophomore, junior, or a senior, there we will create a plan for his/her success. 

       We also have plans to help families who want their student to be noticed by athletic coaches and be "scouted."  Other families may be interested in military appointments. We have helped several students get nominations from senators and congressmen.  One even got the appointment he dreamed of!  We know how to proceed and when to start.

       We help the family with the big picture as well as the small details. We help each student find their voice and write an attention-getting essay. We create a timetable to facilitate a smooth process. We are here for our students through the whole process.

                   Contact us at:  (626)825-4310