Military Appointments

                                                            Military Information Night

     We attended Congressman Drier's Information meeting in March. (See notes below)   If you were unable to attend, but are interested in asking your Congressman for a nomination, please give us a call.  We can help guide you through the competitive process of gaining an Academy Appointment an ROTC Scholarship at the college of your choice!

Nominations for Appointments to:  West Point, The Naval Academy, The Military Academy, The Merchant Marines

The academies look for:

1.    Good academics (transcript plus SAT or ACT)

2.    Medical qualification

3.    Physical aptitude

4.    Leadership potential

     They want to see a well-rounded person who is prepared mentally and physically.

Each congressman can have 10 nominations and 5 appointments per district. Senators only get one per state.

     It’s a very competitive process.  No one gets preference.  It’s all based on merit. 

1.    November 1st, you must submit your nomination application. (Indicate your academy when you take your SATs so that the scores are sent directly to the academy.)

2.    The Board interviews the applicants in December.

3.    Qualified alternates who were denied are sometimes called back if the academy has vacancies in  a class that they need to fill. 

4.    Your essays are very important:  Why do you want to do this?  Tell about your extra-curricular activities.

5.    Mid-December is the interview in your congressman’s office. This is a face-to-face chance to shine. They are looking for desire to attend.

6.    By Christmas, the nominations are announced. 

7.    Your physical fitness and health will then be assessed.  Appointments can come anytime after March of your senior year.  They may come as late as June.  You need to have a backup plan in place.

You can ask for 2, 3, or 4 nominations.

You must be completely self-motivated. 

The final advice from all of the academies:

"If your parents want you to go and you don’t really want to go, don’t go. If you really want to go and your parents don’t want you to go, come see us!"

Call Perfect Fit College Consultants (626-825-4310) to make sure you do all you need to do to have the best chance at getting a Military Appointment or an ROTC scholarship.