Sophomores and Juniors should start their college process as soon as possible: in the fall, in the spring, or at the beginning of summer.  

     1. Register at Collegeboard.com for SAT-Question-a-Day or get the App for your phone.  This is a painless way to raise your scores.  We test ourselves every day here at Perfect Fit. They really help.

      2. Get the Collegeboard SAT prep book (blue and green) or the Real ACT book (red) and begin taking one 30-minute practice test a week.  You can master test-taking if you practice.

      3. Register to take your official SAT or ACT. You can no longer walk in and take the class. Prepare, plan ahead, and retake. Second sittings are often 100 points or higher.

      4. If you are taking any AP classes, make sure to register for the SAT II tests in those subjects as soon as as you can after the class is over.  That's when you'll do your best.

      5. Start researching colleges based on your interests.  We will ask a lot of questions and listen very carefully to your answers. Students who start college lists early, end up with the best "fit" in the end.

      6. If you need help, we will recommend a course of study and provide you with tutors, as necessary.  We aim for the November 1st deadlines!

      7. We listen carefully to your financial needs and always add schools that you can afford "no matter what!"

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