Perfect Fit College Consultants Fee Schedule, 2018

Discount by the season: 

November-January: $150 per hour

(Additional surcharge of $5 per hour for meetings over Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks)

September-October: $145 per hour

February-August: $140 per hour

(Small surcharge for payments by Paypal)

Working to finish all applications over the summer will save you money. Students who start early and follow profile tips, often earn significant merit scholarships. 

See below for details.

Call early to allow for busy schedules:

1.    The Basic (Most Popular for local students):

         Two hours (one session) of college counseling which includes a basic assessment of student’s established success and future goals. We will map out a plan based on family needs that will take the student through the whole process. We will indicate areas for growth or suggest directions for maximum potential and assist the student and family through the acceptance process.   $280 ($290, $300)

2. Distance Student Package :

       I work with students via Google Docs, Face Time, and Skype as needed at the same rates as above.  Families can contact me about this option and how payment works. This is a great plan for students who live out-of-state or beyond my travel radius.  Payment by Paypal should be arranged before the first meeting.

Our plans can be used hourly by sophomores and juniors. Seniors will need a minimum of 2-hour sessions.

Patti reserves the right to terminate services with any client for any reason. No refunds are offered for prepayment of services. She also offers no guarantee of college admission.