Financial Aid 

      What You Need to Know for FAFSA:

It's best to apply for your FAFSA before February 2nd of the year you apply to college, but you can file anytime before you attend.  Go to: Application for Federal Student Aid) website, get a PIN, and download a practice application. Go to and see if your schools also require the CSS Profile. 

Follow these steps: 
1) File your FAFSA as soon as you can after January 1st. Filing early increases your chance for Federal Aid.
2) File your CSS Parent Profile as soon as possible after you are sure of the schools your student is applying to and which require the CSS Profile. There is a fee per school.

     Gather these documents:

1) Your most recent federal income tax form, filled out or blank.

2) A copy of your federal return for last year.

3) W-2 forms

4) Your 1099s

5) If self-employed, a record of all income received and a record of all business expenses.

6) Records of any untaxed income (social security payments, welfare checks, tax-exempt interest, etc.)

7) Bank statements

8) Brokerage statements

9) Mortgage statements

10) Student's social security number and driver's license number

11) If you own a business, the business's financial statements

12) Any other investments and records

13) Records of any child support paid or received

14) Records of medical and dental expenses that have been paid or charged to your credit card during the base income year.

15) Records of any college tuition paid

16) Records of any interest paid on education loans in the previous year

17) Records of any education loan payments made in the previous year

18) Records of any pension plans you might be entitled to

     You are now ready to fill out your forms carefully, honestly and in exact detail.  Or, call us and we’ll help do the job for you!