Our Core Values

        We follow these values with each student and family and with every school we contact on your behalf and every school counselor or colleague that we meet.


We practice ethical behavior and protect the privacy, confidentiality, and dignity of each of our student clients and their families.


We believe that the effectiveness of our profession and college advising is strongest when we work together to promote and protect students and their best interests.


We believe that our college advising is based upon trust, mutual respect and honesty, with one another and with our students.


We are committed to educating students, their families, the public, fellow education professionals, and ourselves about the transition to and within postsecondary education.

Fairness and Equity

We have a responsibility to treat one another and students in a fundamentally fair and equitable manner.

Social Responsibility

We have a duty to serve students responsibly, by safeguarding their rights and their access to and within postsecondary education.