Please contact me before paying outrageous prices for SAT tutoring. In many cases, the money is wasted, especially if there isn’t time to use all the services listed. Guarantees are weak and highly dependent on student abilities. I don’t want any of my clients spending or wasting important college funds on the promise of others.

At Perfect Fit, we offer SAT/ACT prep as part of our academic services any time during the year for a reasonable price, in your home, with private tutors who are fabulous.  In addition, we recommend local Test Prep schools for students who need more than a few sessions of practice and review.  These services combined with our excellent essay writing instruction, guidance, and editing, help raise student scores by as much as 200 points on the SAT and by 2-4 points on the ACT.  

Contact us for more information about SAT/ACT Prep at:  626-825-4310