Boston Colleges: The Peter Pan Bus to Wonderland!                         by Patti Brugman


         Last week:  Determined to see as many colleges as I could, I hailed a cab and went from college to college in record time.  From Emerson College to Harvard, Boston is a fabulous place for learning.

         On my last day in Boston, I awoke early. There was no time to lose.  My first stop on the MTA (or Boston subway) was Davis Station.  Here, I crossed the street, walked through a brick-lined square and chatted with some students who were starting to gather at a bus stop. I introduced myself as a traveling college counselor. “Then come with us to Tufts,” said a girl wearing a beret.

         Once on board the free shuttle, I had a chance to chat with an ROTC student wearing fatigues. Even though it was only 9 AM, she was already returning to campus after her morning workout at MIT.  She said she loves the program and looks forward to graduating in June, when she will begin her service in the Army Reserves. As we wound through residential streets, she gave me the pre=tour. Once we reached campus, I was to get off at the second stop. Admissions would be through the quad and on my left.

         Tufts is built on a hill and the second stop took me to the top. The quad runs through the center of campus with classical New England style buildings facing each other down each side with a tall statue of the elephant mascot in front of Barnum Hall. Friendly students helped me find my way to Admissions where I began the self-guided tour through the majestic architecture. Students hurried to classes while I joined in the flow. The Tisch Library at the lower end of the quad and the bottom of the hill, was the most spectacular building on campus. Looking like a glassed-in conservatory, it seemed like the perfect place to study on a crisp day like this one.

         The round trip took me back to Davis Station then on to Kendall Square and MIT, again. I made my way through the Endless Corridor to the Visitor’s Center. There I was told that I could ride the Peter Pan shuttle as a guest for the day. Perfect timing! A few minutes later, I was on board and heading out of town to Wellesley College.

         The ride was about 40 minutes and beautiful, but nothing compared to the campus. Again, a fellow rider made sure I didn’t miss my stop to Admissions. Coming through the main gate was like entering another world.  The buildings are made of stone and brick. Trees are everywhere. Girls saunter down narrow paths. A chapel stands alone on a hill.

         I joined a campus tour where we walked to the lake on campus. Our tour guide apologized that it wasn’t frozen over and they hadn’t had more snow! From there, we saw dorms that seemed to double as medieval castles and the science building that had been updated with a glass facade. Our tour-guide, told us that many girls liken the campus to Hogwarts from “Harry Potter” books. 

         An hour later, I had a Caesar salad with a student-friend and we talked about summer fellowships. After hearing about her experiences, I had no doubt that a theater major at Wellesley College would propel this talented student right onto stage or into management. These girls were just as strong and imaginative as their college setting. I hated to leave.

--Visit a college over spring break.  From PerfectFitCollege.Net  3/12