Price vs. Value                                                                  by Patti Brugman

By Patti Brugman

At Perfect Fit, we are always looking for ways to help families with the high cost of college. We find schools that are right for the student, the family, and their wallets.  Many of our families ask the same questions: “Will I qualify for financial aid?” “Can I get a great education for less?” “Will Dream U give me a scholarship?” “Do I have an advantage since I am a full-pay student?”

While the answer to the first three questions is, “Maybe,” the answer to the last question is almost always, “Yes!”  While having the money to pay for college is a definite advantage, needing money is a problem that can be solved depending on the student’s motivation.

Before starting the financial aid process, consider whether or not you’re ready to take out a great big loan.  Families need to weigh the value of every purchase they make. Consider the full cost of four years as one of the factors for your decision-making.  

Luckily, our system has created a way for strong students to get the education they deserve.  While an average kid from a rich family can easily afford an expensive college education, a great student from a struggling family can also get that same great education.  Financial aid is there for them.

The gray area is where the ability and motivation of the student waiver a bit.  Buyer beware for students who are only “sort of” interested in academics. Colleges aim to sell their wares to this group. They offer great food, fine dorms, and fully-equipped gyms in great locations. If your student is more interested in these things than in getting a quality education, consider the price tag very seriously.

Colleges are filled with sincere students who are waiting for the right class to lead them to their future. Campuses are where issues can take hold of an otherwise complacent soul.  It is that passion that makes a college education so worth the price tag, but remember, you can choose how much to spend. Maybe some families would be happier with a $10,000 loan than a loan for $100,000.  You’re the buyer.  You decide what’s best.

At Perfect Fit, our job is to find the schools that will work magic on our magical clients—the right schools at the right price.  It’s the best for the students, the schools, and the families.