End of the Year Changes and Reflections                      by Patti Brugman

Finishing the last of the applications; Beginning the process from the start!

         As the old year ends and the new year begins, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank our many students and their families for another wonderful year.  Without the talent and ambition of so many juniors and seniors, we wouldn’t be as successful as we are. 

         I’d also like to thank Jessica Hamlin and the staff of San Marino Patch for the excellent support of my weekly blog.  This is a great forum for communicating a tip each week about the college application process.  Whether or not students choose to work with us, they can always read the blogs and learn about the process as it unfolds.

         So, as the year ends, and our seniors are finishing the last of their applications, we are already working with a growing group of juniors who are coming to us for college searches and help to improve their high school profile.  The cycle of the season is upon us. 

         My goal in 2012 will be to guide seniors as they finish with the last of their 2012 applications.  At the same time, we’ll move on to working with juniors.  The sooner in the process that juniors see us, the better their chances for maximizing both their acceptance rates and their ability to earn merit scholarships.  We are experts at helping students present themselves in the best ways to do both.

         In the New Year, I will be addressing topics for seniors such as: the waiting period, senioritis, and the first of the “mail” from colleges.  When it comes, good, bad, or waiting list, we will have a plan for you.  In some cases, good is not always good, especially if you receive too many “yes’s!”  Oh yes, it happens.  And what should you do then?  Wait and see.  The same goes for “no’s.” They’re not always as bad as they seem.  And the wait list… is like Purgatory for some students.  We’ll have a couple of tips for how to move yourself from the Wait List to the Accepted List.

         So much of the reward depends on how much the how motivated a student is to go to college. I’ll talk more about student enthusiasm in 2012 as well.  For now, I wish all my readers and supporters a very prosperous New Year!