From Average to Excellent, All Students are Wonderful!                  by Patti Brugman


Now that it’s February, forward looking families of high school juniors are starting to plan for the tasks ahead: making a list of colleges, visiting some of those schools, sorting through the mountain of applications, the deadlines, the essays, the recommendations, and the rest! With all that, the next year begins to look a little busy.

Sometimes the process is a bit overwhelming. Students worry about acceptances. Parents worry the price of it all. And colleges worry that the right applicants won’t notice them. All of that, combined with daily academic pressures, creates frustration and anxiety. We, at Perfect Fit, are ready to help your family through the whole process and validate the tremendously capable person your student is. We work with him/her to create a list of schools that works with the family goals, help the student become academically successful, and, most of all, tell the stories that will make them irresistible to colleges. That’s what we do and that’s what we love to do.

Whether you’re a “C” student or an AP student, we will help you do the best writing you’ve ever done in your life while also motivating you to be the best student you can be. We help you present your strongest self. The best reward for us is that all of our “C” students have found tremendous success in the application process. They’ve all found colleges in interesting parts of the country, that are affordable, and that will get them everything they want out of a college experience.

Even more rewarding is the “A” student, with great SAT scores who needs money for college. We help those students choose schools where they will get all they need. There is so much out there for a high-achieving student, but so few of those students know where to start. Even straight-A students can be disappointed with the results of their applications if they don’t know where to apply.

The basic “B” student is a special joy. So often these students see their better peers as the ones who will get “all the acceptances” and their average peers as the ones with “all the connections.” Not true. The above average student often has tremendous potential based on a passion as yet untapped. We illuminate these strengths, then find the schools who will love them.

If you are feeling stressed about the pending college process, please calm your fears. Just by reading this weekly blog, or by calling on us to come help, the college process can become less stressful and even fun. With us in your home, you can listen in from the kitchen, or sit in and be part of the process. What you will hear is your student telling us the most exciting stories of their lives, the stories that make us laugh or cry, and the stories that show us who they really are, and the stories that make all the difference. And you will hear praise and laughter. We always have a punch line, the ah-ha moment, and a high-five. Be ready for it!