Juniors in March: Part One:  Be a Person with Purpose                           by Patti Brugman

By Patti Brugman

        College decisions have been made. Hurray!  Our students have all been accepted and have made their final choices based on price, program location, and other factors that weigh in to a student’s perspective. They are going East, Mid-West, North, South and nearby. It’s so wonderful to hear about their intended majors and housing options—already!  The students who started the process early are the hardest for us to say good-bye to, but they are the ones with the very best results. The reasons why are:

1. They set their priorities early and weren’t as worried or anxious as their “last minute” friends.

2. They had time to develop service projects that grew into something personal that reflected their passion and purpose.

3. They learned how to build a positive attitude that was both humble and realistic.

4. They honed their academics through extra study and self-motivation.

      By starting the college process early (even as early as sophomore year), students have a chance to become introspective.  By understanding themselves better, they make more informed choices when choosing which colleges to consider.  When applications go out and results come back, students are ready.  They know themselves and can find their direction no matter which schools accept them.

       Just by discovering your own energy, you become a more viable applicant for admission to your favorite colleges. Finding your motivation will help you study harder.  When your grades go up, you will not only produce a better report card, but a better college essay.  People with purpose become leaders.  They are curious about the world and are motivated to change it.  We all want to be in the presence of that kind of energy because whatever it is you’ve got, others will want!

      College applications and acceptances are hard to predict because at the other end of the process is a very loving (and overworked) group of admissions people, faculty, and others who weigh in on what kind of students they want in next year’s freshman class. The balance they are looking for is from among the applicants they have to choose from. We offer the best of “you” for them to consider.  The results are your best college options.

       By starting early, students have the chance to grow as leaders in whatever way suits their personal style. They have a chance to better themselves and sort through their options.  And they have the time to consider what they really want from college. Whether they’ll fit in best at a large UC campus or at a vine covered private school, they will feel comfortable with the results and know that good times are just ahead!


--All the best from Perfectfitcollege.net  5/12