Making the Right College Decision                     by Patti Brugman

          Whether you are the proud recipient of a fistful of college acceptances, or right at the beginning of the college process, you have decisions to make.  Which school from my list or from the thick college selection book is right for me?

         Students who work hard and have ambitions, have a right to want to attend not only a good school, but the right school.  When we work with students, we talk to them about their priorities, even as the student is just beginning to discover them.  Is the cost of college a huge consideration?  Is location a factor?  Weather?  Program?  Do you think the strength of the academic program is as important as the strength of the football program?  School spirit plays a huge part in some student’s feelings for college, while other students are much more concerned about personalized learning.

         Choosing the right school starts with knowing yourself, your learning style, your motivations, and your limitations.  Once you know what you love to learn, you’re ready to search.  Conversely, knowing what distracts you is also essential for choosing the right school from the thousands of choices.

         When all the factors are seriously considered, many students will find that they will have a sizeable list of choices for higher learning.  It often comes down to that day in March when an envelope or email arrives, announcing that you’ve been accepted.  A wave of relief flows over you.  A smile crosses your face, and you gaze upwards.  Happiness is a fat envelope.

         From your moment of victory, we suggest you call us so we can present each school to you objectively, while considering each of your priorities now as realities.  We also suggest that you smile every chance you get.  These big decisions come with hope for a fabulous future.--PB