SAT/ACT Dates to Remember                                        by Patti Brugman

By Patti Brugman

        It’s time to start preparing for college applications next fall!  Let’s start by getting the test dates on the calendar.  We encourage students to take the SAT or ACT no more than three times before applying to college. Some students are delighted with the results of their first test.  By retaking either test, however, most students see an improvement of at least 100 points on the SAT and 1-2 points on any of the subjects of the ACT. If both your grades and confidence are strong now, you might be ready to take one of these exams soon. If not, read on.

         If you’re not ready for a 4-5 hour test, don’t waste a test date just to see how you might do.  Instead, sign up for your SAT-Question-a-Day (on  Read a study guide or hire a tutor.  When you feel you’re at your best, see the schedule below and make your plans.  (If you are taking AP classes, remember to avoid the May 4 testing date because it’s too close to when AP tests start on May 7th.)

          If you’re a high achieving students, you might want to take subject tests in addition to the regular SAT or ACT.  For these, allow one SAT test date.  Each subject test is one hour long and students may take as many as three subject tests on any SAT test date. While most schools no longer require subject tests, many schools still recommend them. Subject tests such as world history, chemistry, biology or physics should be taken as soon as possible after you have finished the class. Students taking foreign language subject tests should do so after taking at least two years of that language.

          Also remember, that unlike previous years, no one may just walk in and take the SAT or ACT.  For security reasons, students must sign up in advance. So think ahead.  Plan now and prepare for a successful test!