Saying Yes!  Making the Decision Pt III                                 by Patti Brugman

By Patti Brugman

         It’s time to say “yes” to your best college from your long (or short) list of choices.  Last week, the task was to dream, “I wonder how I’d sound with a Southern accent.”  This week, it’s time to get real.  While enthusiasm and imagination have a great deal to do with what will be the best school for you, it’s also important to consider a few practical matters.

         Our job at Perfect Fit, has been to field calls and e-mails from students (and parents) who have been both celebrating and fretting over this momentous decision.  While all are happy with their list of final choices, (and are breaking out the Martinelli’s), they also see the final choice as something of a decision so big that making the wrong turn now will somehow ruin their future. Not true!

         Our first client, let’s call him, Mad Dasher (because he’s a runner) finally figured out that his perfect school is here in Southern California.  He will get an excellent education and will be on both the track and cross-country teams. So what’s the problem?  His parents think that the Northern California school, the one that is identical in almost every way to the So Cal school, is the better fit.  Maybe the Northern California school does have a bit more name recognition, but the student doesn’t care about that.  He wants an education and to be the Mad Dasher he knows he can be.

         In another case, a student we call The Wigged Composer was accepted to all of his top schools and is trying to decide between two in the Midwest.  Both have given him equal aid packages and both have delightfully small campuses and great music departments. He has even visited both schools! How is he supposed to make the “best” decision when the differences are in architecture, mascot, and choice of meal plans? Only he can do that because he is so specialized in his field that he has a feeling for what each school might offer him.  In this case, we suggested that he talk to career placement and see which school might give him the best help after graduation.

         In a third case, a student we call The Gracious Docent was wait-listed at her two favorite schools and accepted to her third favorite school.  The problem here is that she is reluctant to say “yes” to the school that used to be her number one because she’s a bit hurt from being wait-listed at the other two. Understandable! We counseled her to take action immediately on her wait-list status so that she will be seriously considered if a place opens up, and to gleefully accept her best school.  She has now accepted and feels better.  In fact, if she is moved off the wait-list from either of the other schools, we’re not sure if she’ll even accept!

The lesson here is that there are many paths to success.  If you’ve applied to the right schools, any of them will be just right for you. You might have large schools and small schools on your list. You might have a diversity of locations, and student bodies, but your list is designed to work for you. Once you have accepted your best choice from all of your options, you’ll be amazed at how refreshed you feel.  All the anxiety and worry will lift away, you’ll tell everyone and the word will get out: “Did you hear? Guitar Hero is going to Whitman College!” “Really?  I just heard that Talk Radio is going to Kenyon.”  “No kidding? So am I!”

So, go ahead and say, “yes.”  You’re sure to have plenty of friends doing just the same thing.


--All the best from Perfectfitcollege.Net