College Advice for 9th and 10th Graders                              by Patti Brugman

     By Patti Brugman

While seniors are waiting for the final results of their college applications, younger students can take lessons from what their older friends are going through.  We, at Perfect Fit College, hope that you enjoy your high school years and don’t mold your life around what you think colleges will want.  At the same time, taking a few steps in the right direction will greatly improve your appeal to your future favorite institution—wherever that may be! See below for our advice to all students:

1. Think college.  Decide that going to college is your plan.

2. Be both honest and ambitious:  What kind of student are you?  What kind of college education do you want to pursue?  (You still have time to become a better student or maintain your level of excellence.)

3. Discover your learning style—you might not have a career goal yet, but if you like participating in class you might want a smaller college.  If you’re a big sports person and very self-motivated, you might want a large institution.  This country is full of fabulous colleges and universities.  Knowing the nuances of your learning style will help you decide which kind of school will ensure your best success.

4. Consider what colleges want:  Every school in the country wants students who will be successful and students who will stay until they graduate. Of course there are other factors, but those are the main ones.  To make yourself irresistible to your future favorite school: build a strong transcript, do well on SAT/ACT tests, learn to write well, love your extra-curricular activities, become a leader, and discover your diversity (everyone is diverse—build on yours!)

5. Discuss college finances:  Bring up the subject of money now.  Start early and be very honest about what you can afford.  Check our website for books that will give you sound advice on investments, savings, and spending.  In addition, check the websites below for reputable links to scholarship opportunities.  Build now, be grateful later.


Scholarship Search Sites: 

* Fastweb:

* Zinch:

* Moolah Spot:

* Student Scholarship Search:

* College Prowler:

* Cappex:


* Scholarship Experts:

* Scholarships360:

* ScholarshipDude:

-- All the best from www.PerfectFitCollege.Net   (1/13)