New Year’s Resolutions for the College Applicant!                                      by Patti Brugman

By Patti Brugman

1.    Follow Up on your College Applications:  If you applied Early Action and were deferred, follow the steps to stay active.  Call the Admissions Officer.  They love hearing how much you’d love to attend their school.  Ask what you can do to increase your chances of eventually being accepted.  Then follow through with those things.

2.    Keep Your Grades Up: This is the most important factor for getting accepted.  College Admissions Officers want to know that if you attend their college you will 1) Succeed there, and 2) Stay and be happy there.  School’s about to start up again.  Get revved up to do your best work!

3.    Give Something Back:  Find your passions this year.  Read the newspaper, listen to compelling speakers, read great books, and join in.  From great inspiration, great actions.  This is your college year.  Take the time to make a difference in the world around you!

4.    Stay in Shape: This is the #1 New Year’s Resolution around the country!  Lose weight, stay in shape.  No matter what shape you’re in, exercise helps learning and it helps you stay organized, positive, and energetic.  Make a promise to yourself to get out there and run, jump, or play at whatever makes you happy.

5.    Plan Your Finances: As a future college student, it’s time to take responsibility for your finances.  If you don’t already have a checking account and a credit card, get one.  These are essential for college life.  Earn the money you spend.  If you can get paid for chores around the house or for doing bigger projects, do them.  Some students even start small online businesses. Calculate your future expenses and start planning.

6.    Take Time to Reflect: Whether you have a faith or not, personal reflection is right for everyone.  Take the time to think about your future direction, what you have to offer, and how you can improve upon past mistakes. If you’ve made significant mistakes, own up to them.  Now is the time to start fresh. It’s a whole New Year!


-- Happy New Year from www.PerfectFitCollege