Do Eagle Scouts Have the Edge?                                             by Patti Brugman

      By Patti Brugman

It’s a simple answer: Yes. Students who become Eagle Scouts,  Gold Award Scouts, or ASB presidents do receive more college acceptances.  But let’s look at the reason why.  College Adcoms (Admission Committees) all over the country (at big schools and small schools, average schools and competitive schools) are looking for 3 basic requirements to build a strong and successful freshman class: 

1.    Does the student really want to attend this school?

2.    Can the student do the work required? 

3.    Will the student be a benefit to other students and this school?

Even students who are academically aggressive and want to be admitted to the most competitive schools, need to find a way to be a role model to others.  At top schools, applicants who have held superior leadership positions are more likely to receive offers of admission.  In addition to other factors, high-level leadership becomes an unspoken requirement.

     The point of becoming a recognized leader among your peers is that in college, students educate each other.  While their professors convey the material and inspiration for mastery of a subject, a student’s education is enriched by his/her peers. Students who are the most “interesting” leaders will have the most to offer inside as well as outside the classroom.

     We’ve seen this play out over and over again. Students with the same stats applying to the same schools, receive different offers admission. One gets in, one doesn’t.  Be the one who gets the offer. 

         What you can do now is find a way to distinguish yourself. Even if you are working on a big project for scouting’s highest honor, make sure it is something significant.  Don’t just paint a fence or clear a path.  Make a difference in the world. The difference you make now in whatever way you choose to do for others, will make a big difference to your admissions later.  I guarantee it!

All the best from PerfectFitCollege.Net