Filling Out the Application, Part 2                                    by Patti Brugman

By Patti Brugman

         Continued from last week, this completes the list on what to be most concerned with when it comes to college applications. Start now, take your time, and get the job done without making the #1 error in student applications, errors!

Application Tips:

1. The details. On the Common Application, you’re not finished until you pay!  Make sure to complete all supplements and that the little application button turns green to indicate that you have actually applied. Be sure to print out or “grab and save” your application. Don’t leave anything to chance.  Remember, a late application is as good as being denied!

2. Follow Up.  After your application is sent, make a checklist of To Do’s.  On our list is a note to call your applicant schools and make sure that your application is complete. Just because you finished the Common Application doesn’t mean that your recommendation letters have been sent, your transcripts have been sent, or your SAT scores have been received.  These are the kinds of things that can hold up your acceptance. Besides, College Admissions loves hearing from students because a call shows your interest level. So, don’t be afraid to dial.  You’ll be adding to your appeal!

3. Your Facebook/ Social Media.  Just the other day, I was looking at a prospective client’s Facebook page, and was surprised by some of the language. She needed to make a few changes or block access before we would consider helping her with applications. Your image is very important to us because your future colleges are watching.  Make sure your image is professional.

4. Any Extras. Make a note to send your applicant colleges any extra information that might come along in the next few months.  If you write an article for the newspaper, receive an academic award, or finish your Gold Award, let your colleges know. These honors are important to show your leadership and promise, which will make you a desirable applicant, indeed!


Then, back to the studying, the sports, time to yourself, and dinner with family.  Try not to stress too much over one thing. These are precious times to be enjoyed!  9/12