Now that You’re In!                                                         by Patti Brugman

Now that you’re in and have accepted your best school, there’s more to do. Follow these guidelines and you’ll be in the best shape for your new school:

1. Contact the schools that you’ve declined and let them know that you won’t be coming. This will open up a space for a student on the Wait List.

2. Sign up for housing, a meal plan, and financial aid.

3. Let your school counselor know where you’re attending.  They will send your transcripts and update their records.

4. If you took any college level courses at a junior college or online through a college, be sure that those transcripts are sent to your college.

5. After you take AP tests this week and next, and receive your scores, make sure they are sent to your new school for credit.

6. Send thank you notes to those who wrote your letters of recommendation or helped you in any way with your admission. Not only is the polite thing to do, but those contacts may serve you again someday.  Keep them strong.

7. Update your FAFSA application.

8. Apply for outside scholarships. Any money you earn through outside scholarships will help offset the cost of college for you.