May Day is Decision Day!                       by Patti Brugman


After years of planning, May 1st is Decision Day for high school students hoping to attend college in the fall. Let me give you a checklist so that this most important decision is done as well as the rest of your work!


·      Send in Your Deposit for the right amount, to the right school, on time, and for all the right reasons.

·      Review Your List one more time.  Make a spreadsheet, a list, or just talk it over once more before making the commitment.  Knowing your priorities is essential for a no-regrets decision.

·      Value vs. Price Tag is sometimes hard to figure. There are many ways to assess the value of your school—quality of professors, program, internships, chances for employment, distance from home, and connections. Make sure that your school choice will allow you to graduate in 4 years.  Any longer, and the price goes up!

·      The Wait List may still hold your favorite school. Go ahead and deposit at your second choice. Devote your emotional energy to that school. If you hear from your WL school, you’ll have a chance to reconsider then.  Relax, pay, and be confident in your decision.

·      Never Double Deposit. We are all bound by our ethics. Double-depositing makes it so difficult for schools and other families because it upsets the whole system. Be confident in your decision, but if you have a real problem, call your schools and ask for an extension.

·      Made a mistake? If you would like to withdraw a deposit that you’ve already made, do so right away so that your student’s spot can be opened up for another, qualified student. 

·      Just to be sure…Read through your acceptance letters and financial aid letters one more time. Which ones are worth framing? Visit websites and even Youtube video campus tours. Sometimes Admissions Officers will even connect you with a current student if you want to talk about life on campus.  It might help.


Remember, we’re here to support each other and create a well-educated generation together. Be kind and encouraging to friends who may have different priorities than you do.