Retention Rates/Graduation Rates/Careers            by Patti Brugman

By Patti Brugman

April 1st is College Notification Day. After that date, the power is all yours! Schools have picked you to be a student.  Now it’s your turn to pick one of them to be your college.

 Before deciding, turn on the lights and be ready to ask some tough questions. What are the retention and graduation rates of your future school?  And what percentage of graduates get jobs in the first year after graduation?  These statistics are both easy and elusive to find, but as a future college student, it’s time to do some homework! 

 1.    Retention Rates: This statistic reflects how many students stay at a school after freshman year.  Imagine yourself at Perfect U, studying hard, and making friends, yet as the year ends, you find that 5 of your new best friends have decided to leave the school.  This could be devastating for you and damaging to the quality of your education. Go to or and compare the retention rates of your applicant schools.

 2.    Graduation Rates: This stat reflects the percentage of students who graduate from a school within 6 years. Anything higher than 50% is acceptable, but of course, schools with 70-80-90% graduation rates offer more security. Graduations rates are a sign that students stay on track all the way to graduation. If you love a school with a low graduation rate, call Admissions and ask why the number is low. Also, ask if your school has a 4-year graduation guarantee.  Graduating in 4 years makes a school much cheaper!

 3.    Careers after graduation: This data is a bit elusive. The number of available internships for undergraduates in your intended major is a indicator of jobs after graduation. Call Admissions and ask about job placement assistance for graduating seniors, and talk to students.  After all, your future career is one of the goals of your college education.

 Retention rates, graduation rates, and careers are factors that will reassure you that the college you choose is the best on your list. After all, everyone wants to attend their own Perfect U!