Writing – for Acceptance!                                                  by Patti Brugman

By Patti Brugman

Those who can talk, can write.  Those who can write well, get accepted to top colleges. If you are a junior, now is the time to distinguish yourself from other future applicants. Your transcript and test scores reveal your academic potential, but it is your passion and thoughts that come through in your writing.

There are many things that you can do now and over the next six months to increase your individual appeal to future schools.  Adcoms (Admissions Committees) are eager to find students who have opinions, work well with others, and are respected by their peers.  Leadership roles are also a bonus, especially if they include achievements in writing! Consider these projects as part of your college admission process:

·      Publish your work. Good poetry, opinion essays, or short stories come from a deep soul.  If that’s you, start now. Fill your lines with passion and imagery. Read the works of great writers and rewrite your own work. Check for contests at your school and online. Just by submitting your work, you’ll have something interesting to add to your college resume.  If you win a prize or publication, you’ll be a very special applicant, indeed!

·      Blog.  You can start a blog on Blogspot.com, another blog source, or even here at Patch! Write brief chapters about a great project you’ve accomplished, a sport you play, or something you believe in. Your voice is interesting. Your opinions matter.  Blog about what you care about!

·      Print media. There are newspapers all over town that would love your talent. Write a Letter to the Editor.  Call the Star-News, the Tribune, or other local paper. Ask for an internship or job shadowing opportunity. They may not pay, but they would love to encourage you. Anything you write, or publish will be something for your resume.

Even if you don’t think of yourself as a writer, just by taking on one of these writing projects, you will gain confidence in ways that will improve both your writing and your chances for college admission.  You’ll be shaping yourself into one of the most beloved of future college students, a leader!